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Halotherapy in sports training optimizes better lung function, improves overall performance, endurance, and recovery by dissipating mucus from the airways, removing airflow obstruction, enhancing lung capacity leading to increased levels of oxygen and red blood cells, positively affecting endurance and performance.


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Halotherapy demonstrates dramatic positive effects on asthma symptoms. Studies show reduced bronchial obstruction, better drain function of the airways, and improved viscosity of bronchial secretions. The number and intensity of attacks were reduced, and respiratory discomfort decreased or disappeared.


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The negative charge and high surface energy of dry salt particles penetrate internal airways more deeply, bonding with positive ions and calming & relaxing internal muscles as the nervous system re-balances itself, while externally charged particles coat the skin, reducing chronic hypersensitivity caused by environmental stresses & encouraging cellular regeneration, resulting in a calm and relaxed you.

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Inflammation is reduced from natural properties of inhaled salt particles, also thinning bronchial and nasal secretion. Improved drainage reduces contaminants that may trigger or prolong allergic episodes. Salt’s ability to absorb edema from swollen mucosa linings in the sinuses and respiratory tract opens airways for quick relief of symptoms.

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Halotherpay’s deep penetrating dry salt particles provides relief of edema from swollen tissues and widens passages, improving drainage, increasing aeration behind the lymphatic membrane, reducing infection in the pockets where bacteria often builds due to the collected fluid.


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Dry salt particles increase the activity of skin ion channels, stimulating cell growth & regeneration, balancing skin pH & auto flora, reducing harmful bacteria / inflammation.  Studies show decreased itching, resolved scaling, drying and healing of small fissures, scratches, and exudative symptoms.

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Halotherapy has an immediate effect on the symptoms of colds & flu. Breathing becomes easier as inhaled salt aerosol naturally absorbs edema from swollen air passages thinning mucus secretions so that drainage is easier. Halotherapy allows the salt aerosol to be taken deep into cavities, bringing the antibacterial & anti-inflammatory action to the root of the problem. Relief from irritation of sticky mucus secretions and debris, and the antispasmodic effect from calming negative ions, calms & quiets coughs.

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Dry salt therapy works to cleanse the respiratory system, speed up elimination of toxins, reducing inflammation, and thinning bronchial & nasal secretions. The micro-particles of salt reach the lower respiratory system working as a “bronchial toothbrush” for the airways.


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Snoring & sleep apnea caused by obstructed air passages is relieved from the antiemetic and anti-inflammatory properties of salt particles. Air passages are opened, widened, and spasm of inflamed irritated tissue & smooth muscles are modulated so restful sleep can be achieved.

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Safe for children as young as one month old, and highly recommended, as they tend to respond  to therapy quicker than adults.

Clean lungs bring more oxygen into the body for Seniors, provide more energy, eliminate toxins, impact every organ of the body, and improve well-being.

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During Halotherapy, aerosolized particles penetrate deep into the internal passages of the ear, reducing inflammation, edema, and bacteria in the Eustachian tubes.

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Studies show revolutionary results on cystic fibrosis patients. The hydrophilic & mucokinetic action of inhaled salt particles thins unnaturally thick & sticky mucus, clearing accumulated secretions and unclogging passages in the bronchi & bronchiole, while absorbing edema from the mucosa lining of the airways, and reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract and sinuses.

“Halotherapy has been very beneficial for my acne, as it has significantly reduced the redness and inflammation of my skin.  I was able to see a noticeable difference in my skin in a short time and really enjoyed the whole process.”

— A.L., Acne/Dermatitis

“My 12yr old son struggles with congestion due to environmental allergies.  We are excited to find salt therapy for him to reduce congestion.  We have noticed an improvement in his ability to breathe clearly and reduced congestion.  Stopping in Salt n' Sauna is a nice relaxing break to our hectic days!”

— A.S., Allergies/Congestion

“I came out of the salt booth extremely relaxed, less stressed, and feel much more energized and rejuvenated, and breathe MUCH better too!”

— C.J., Anxiety/Stress

“Highly Recommend Salt n’ Sauna Wellness! A beautiful & relaxing place! Kim is wonderful & so helpful.
She has an amazing story & is an inspiration for anyone who is on their journey to wellness! Our entire family can now breathe better, and our skin has never looked so good.”

— D.L., Skin/Sinuses

“I have had multiple sinus surgeries that resulted in no help to my chronic sinus issue.  This is the first time I have ever been able to breathe through my nose when I lay down to sleep.  Halotherapy has been a lifesaver, and a miracle worker.  This is the first time EVER not living off of sinus medication.”

— K.C., Sinus Infections/Sinusitis

— P.G., Asthma

“My son who is asthmatic has been going to Salt n' Sauna weekly for a few months, and the salt therapy has been very beneficial for his well-being and minimizing his need for medication.  The studio is very clean and the staff so friendly.”

— P.G., Asthma


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For your salt session, any clothing will be fine unless you have skin issues, then you would want that skin exposed (shorts and a tank work great).  We suggest that you do deep breathing techniques while in the salt booth to optimize the results.  You may take your phone in the booth if you need (on silent in a clear bag), but we suggest that you leave it outside the booth to relax, unwind, and detox from your cell phone.  Please do not touch the walls of the salt booths, as it is a sterile and delicate environment.  Breathe deep, relax, and enjoy your session!

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Chromotherapy is used with every halotherapy session.  It is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Chromotherapy is a holistic and non-invasive treatment that works on various energy points to help your body re-establish its natural balance.  Color works through and in us, in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle.  Through extensive research, we know that color and light can help bring our physical and emotional systems into balance. 

Salting and Sweating is the body's safe and natural way to a Healthier You!®


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*Halotherapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy, and/or Chromotherapy is not intended to

diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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